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My latest Deviations. Enjoy!


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Akfkjsmfk eikfkok dfjorkm! Which happens to be in the language of the diegona, a race that lives on a small planet not to far from Beta Centauri which happens to have no relations to Alpha Centauri which is 4.4 light years away which happens to be the winning number of the lotto 10 years ago in a country called Belgium, which the Diegonas have never heard of but would be certainly delighted by their chocolate. The phrase is very complicated but seems to translate to "Favourites", though the 2 other words translate into rather useful words to use when you engage in witty banter with a foe but have no meaning in English. By coincidence these are actually my favourites.



Niall Hughes
Not much to tell. I just want something to do and cartoons fit the description. Sometimes I may not be very good but I get better. :)

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite style of art: Cartoon.
Favourite cartoon character: I don't know, maybe Zim?
Personal Quote: If you can't beat em run like hell.
I've made my own variation of the popular folk story: "Killer in the back seat."

It was night and the moon was out. Jessica looked at her gas meter. She groaned, the gas was now dangerously low and she still couldn't find a gas station. But then she saw an old station down the road. She sighed in relief and pulled over. The lights were still on and the attendant came out. He seemed very nice and plugged started to refuel the car. His eyes flickered in a different direction but quickly averted them. He started acting odd and a bit nervous and when he was done refueling he asked her to come out and pay with the credit card instead of the cash Jessica offered. Jessica frowned and opened the car door and walked inside the store. The attendant quickly pulled her in the store. She tried to scream but the sounds were muffled by the attendant's hand. "Calm down." He whispered into her ear, "There is a man in the back seat of your car." He continued. He released her and pointed.  Jessica reluctantly looked; she could just see the outline of man lying down in the back seat. There was a glint and Jessica saw that it was knife. He was waiting for her and the attendant to come back.
  • Listening to: The screams of small children on fire.
  • Reading: 100 tips for the budding phycopath.
  • Watching: Paint dry.
  • Playing: Surgeon... with a chainsaw.
  • Eating: Everything you don't like.
  • Drinking: Things of interest.

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PuppetMaster456 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
wut's goin on?
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wazzup :D
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yo wazzup? :D
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6.5 was EPIC!
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madness 6.5 is gonna be done soon :D
ChemicalCarnage Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
"Now are you going to tell us where Hank is?" Deimos says in a playful voice. The 1337 agent starts to cough uncontrollably again.
"Fuck you." the agent says in a surprisingly firm voice.
"Sanford... get the shotgun." Deimos says as he gets up. Sanford nods and moves towards a gun in the corner.
The agent's hand shot out, grabs the pistol on the floor and shoots at Deimos. Deimos takes a step sideways, not even turning towards the agent. Sanford spins around and throws the metal hook that was in his hand the whole time at the the agent.
The agent then looks down at his chest and sees the hook lodged in his chest. He drops the gun and screams.
Deimos kneels down beside the agent and picks up the pistol.
Pointing the gun at the agent's head he smiles at him.
"You cannot defeat our lord, your mad!" the agent screams defiantly.
"Aren't we all." Deimos says and shoots the agent in the head.
"We're done here." Deimos says.
PuppetMaster456 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
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how u been?
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(Wakes up from deep sleep) Huh? Oh good thanks.
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cool :iconimhappyplz: I got a ps3 :D it's 1337
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